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The best way to learn about the people behind the music is from their own mouths. Here The Misfit Toys present interviews with the band members one on one. It may seem unimportant to many but if nothing else these interviews present a glimpse behind the scenes at not only the music makers but also the times in which they performed. The history behind individual musicians is generally presented from the point of view of the band's promoter or manager. Never is a band in reality at all like things are shown in movies or documentries. Here I present the band members answering questions in their own words rather than in the form of a statements formulated to present a specific point of view. In these interviews the band members answer questions and present their own views on music, the past, future and even personal information for fans old and new. The four current members have very differing backgrounds and plans but are united in creating good music in a time where radio 'hits' are often generated by computer or to a formula to appeal to what is already popular. We collectively wish to create a new sound but never being 'weird for the sake of being weird'. We believe in our music and that in our catalog there is likely to be something for everyone.

Interview with Mike

Interview with Dennis

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The Original

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The Misfit Toys began life in early 1985, having previously used the name 'Neu vous' in the Maryland suburbs by husband and wife team Ed and Elizabeth Fusco.

After going through several member lineups the band's future was sealed when Dennis Kapoyos auditioned and immediately was accepted as the band's only guitarist. His taste in music, fashion sense and attention to what was happening in the world of music endeared him to the other three band mates. With the addition of a keyboard player the line up was set and they began learning cover material with an eye on performing out when they were ready.....      

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A little History Lesson ......

In the world of Gothic rock or the more recent term 'Dark Wave' audiences were usually not incline to applaud, whistle or make a big public display of approval of a band. It just wasn't "cool". Fortunately over the many years of the band's life they have only been given positive reviews by music journalists everywhere they performed.  Audiences have been perplexed with The Misfit Toys since their very first public performance. They didn't look like any other band and certainly didn't sound like anyone major or minor in the business. Even cover songs were given a makeover so that the listeners heard more of an original than cover tune. The Misfit Toys had a month's run as house band at a club in Virginia and in short time the club was packed every time they played. Reluctantly the club owner had to discontinue hiring the band because as soon as they played their first note everyone in the club stopped everything to watch and listen. The club didn't have a cover charge and so relied upon drink sales to make money. From the stage the band could see that every eye was upon them and many had their mouths open. They certainly were not drinking. The club owner reiterated how loved the Misfit Toys were by the patrons and the employees. He also confided that he could hire a third rate garage band for very little and the club would be filled with bikers who would do shots all night while listening to old covers.

  Another residency gig was in Georgetown, Washington D.C., surrounded by collages and military bases. There was an audience on hand for any type of music booked in town. Collage kids like to drink and dance so they could escape from their studies any night of the week by going clubbing. Washington is also on the touring list of every International band so music fans could rest assured that their favorite band would play D.C. at some point. The problem gigging in Washington D.C. was not lack of places to play or people to attend it was actually age limitations for the teens who wanted to go see a band. Dennis and Mike were both still in high school when they joined the Misfit Toys and naturally their friends wanted to check out the band and watch their friends play. To avoid legal problems some venues would simply not allow anyone under twenty one to enter. Other venues would stamp the hands of patrons with their legal status. In 1985 one could legally purchase and consume beer at age eighteen and then liquors at twenty one. 'Last call' varied between Maryland, D.C. and Virginia but as a loose rule bands performed until 2 or 3 am. At a club in Philadelphia they had an interesting way of dealing with the law. When you purchased an admission ticket to enter the club and see a band you legally were purchasing membership in a private club for 24 hours. In this way much like social clubs members could freely buy and consume alcohol for the entire 24 hour time period.

  As an unwritten rule night clubs are located in the worst parts of major cities. Because of the possibility of excessive noise late into the night and drunken patrons barfing the contents of their stomachs along the curb while staggering to their motor vehicle. Misfit Toys were fortunate that they never had any incidents of violence or theft. During the  late 80's Washington D.C. was not only the capitol of the United States but also the murder capitol of the union. After a show we packed and loaded our gear into the band's van with never as much as a dirty look.

  People in the entertainment business try to not read reviews. Rightly so fans of bands or actors do not rely upon reviews in order to determine whether a performance was good, great or mediocre. Good reviews by respected people in the business can certainly enhance a press kit or promotional material. The Misfit Toys were causing a disturbance in the music scene around Washington D.C. and many other bands confessed their envy that their band was not performing as often as the Misfit Toys. Each week the band's concert schedule was printed in the entertainment paper named "The Washington City Paper" along with a publicity photo intended to entice readers to notice the band schedule. They learned that perception is everything in music. Elizabeth found she had a wonderful innate talent for composing ads to be printed as flyers or placed in newspapers. She and Ed did all of the band's promotion and learned that even if he paid more for an ad in print than the band was being paid fior a show it was ultimately worth the expense. People who had no idea as to what the Misfit Toys sounded like and had never seen them did know their name and how often they performed and where.

 In Olden Times .........

In the business it is known as a "buzz" and every band manager has an obligation to generate a 'buzz' in the music community. The record company A&R people tend to have their finger on the pulse of every district. It is their job to know which bands are hot and why along with the important 'where'. If an A&R agent asked a bell boy or waitress 'which band is big in the area and where do they play?' it would likely be the band whose name is in the papers that would come to mind first.

 It was common knowledge among band managers that good reviews and airplay could be 'bought' by one means or another. It always helps to know someone in the music business in order to get your demoheard by people who can make aband move from local to national In the case of The Misfit Toys our person in the business gave us valuable advice in writing and arranging our songs and distribution instead of fradulent or biased praise. As a result our songs are accesible even at their most complex. We deeply appreciate the assistance by Bob Showacre.

 No matter how good a band is live or studio they will remain a secret unless their music is placed where people who appreciate such music can hear them. It is like the proverbial 'Catch 22' when applying for a job the employer wants someone experienced only you can't get experience unless someone will hire you. A band starting out will perform almost anywhere for any amount in order to get heard and have a buzz created. Clubs will always ask 'how many people will you bring' the night of an engagement? If no one has heard you except for neighbors while you practice and you haven't many friends who can go out to clubs during the week then the answer is always embarrassing. You want to play in front of the club's audience and the club wants you to bring an audience. The other answer is to open for another band that has a following in a hope that you can steal some of their fans. It is a difficult business and has become worse for bands in the 2020's. Now a band is often judged by their number of 'listens' or 'plays' on streaming services. Music videos are a must for a band as well and instead of one or two per album a video for nearly every song is expected.

 As of this month, March 2024 Misfit Toys album "Closure" has performed well all around the world. Early on the album found a huge amount of support in Brazil and Spain much to our surprise. We expected a good responce in America and in the UK but were delighted to read the statistics showing our popularity in Italy, France, Germany, Poland, and even some Eastern European countries. Our numbers were high in Mexico, Columbia and Portugal. I'd say we missed a lot by not distributing our previous albums to the world and staying more of a secret in the U.S.


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