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       Blomberg and wife, 2 prints in reverse of each other.  One larger print




      Bloomberg's wife                        Hitler, Goering at Reichstag fire .         Commandant Richard Baer shakes hands with Karl Bischoff during the dedication of the new SS hospital in Auschwitz.


       Hitler Blomberg Reich Party Rally for Work 9-37  *   Hitler at Celebration about the South 10/38  *  Hindenburg, Blomberg and Hitler 1933                   Geli, Hitler, Hennie Hoffman  


          Angela 'Geli' Raubel Five photos last is with her mother, Hitler's half sister. Small . Tall evening dress is $18.00 Alll five for                          Geli with ca



        von Rundstadt, Fritsch, Blomberg                                   Angela 'Geli' Raubal              Blomberg Portrait                  Hitler after the agreement concerning the South 



   One is 5.25 by 7.5                                                                                                                                                   

   Berghof Kitchen. Hitler would often go there after hours to snack  Small nook where Hitler would often sit to have tea and apple cake




    Albert Speer and Adolf             H. Hoffman and Adolf                  The British prisoners at Dieppe 1942         Eva and Adolf at Eagle's Nest         Eva and pigeons at Rome  



 Eva's dressing table                           Eva's desk                                      Gretl on Terrace at Berghof                       Hitler Junge skiers singing 



  Hitler Junge/ Deutsche Junge Trumpeters                  Hitler Junge Bugler                                             Inge Ley on first Strength through joy cruise   




  Sevenr photos of Eva Braun at Herman Esser Baby Christening  Set



  Fireplace inside Eagle's Nest .        Eva Braun & children outside Eagle's Nest       Gretl Braun with photo of Eva    Hitler and Albert Speer walking fast



  Portrait of Adolf Hitler              Eva on Terrace                          Hj at Bahnhof              DJ on HJ shoulders 


  Hitler Junge Navy Division          HJ Rally Flags and drums                                   HJ with Flags                      






  Hitler Youth rally Nuremburg Sept. 1934        Excellent photo of Motorcylce with side car     Prisoners Speer and Roeder      Rare photo of Hitler's tea house from rear    Berghof before Renovations



  Richrd Baer, Joseph Mengle Rudolf Hoess,                                                          Leni Reifenstahl arrives at Prague to promote the 1936 Berlin olympics








    Albert Boorman with Eva braun  *     Adolf Hitler and Ernst Roehm 1931 * Pre-war press Photo        * Martin Boremann,AH, FM. Milch



      Japanese Deligation        AH, Werner von Bloomberg, Dr. Goebbels        Field Marshall Rommel Inspects the Atlantic Wall



             Back is blank. Paper fell off.

                  Both german Press Photos for

   Photo of the Brangenburg Gate before the major bombing campaigns







    French Concentration camp                      Both Concentration Camp photos


April  Hitler and others enter his home. Eva is in background  Duke & Dutchess

       Duke with Goebbels

  Duke, AH, Ley   Eight Photos of the Duke's Visits










Book recommendation for you. I forgot about it until I went loking up people I thought were in that photo of Hitler in Paris.

This book - now in three volumes has a very short biography, photo and signature with handwriting sample of major and mnor personalities. My copy is used. I bought it for $20 plus postage and I can sell you mine for what i paid for it and throw in the shipping. It is on eBay for as little as $10.40 to $79.00 used. Amazon has it used for $107.00



  I did find out that part of his tourisat group was Albert Speer, Arno Becker ( sculpter ) Herman Gissler, Heinrich Hoffman - cheif photographer and Walter Frentz the second photographer who also took a lot of photos of Eva and Gretl, Gerhard Engel an adjunct, Wilhelm Bruckner Long time loyal NAZI,Nickolus von Below a Luftwaffe adjunct. Heinz Linge Hitler's valet, Wilhelm Keitel Cheif of staff, Karl Bodenschaft Göering's adjunct, Martin Boorman, Dr. Karl Brandt - Hitler's traveling physician, Karl Wolf of the SS in place of Himmler, Otto Dietrich, friend and loyal NAZI. The general I thought was in the front is Von Bock but I don't see anywhere to say he was there.


      Folder One: 

                               3 Count Gian Galazzo Ciano 8/39  4  5  6  7

    Folder Two    2 

                                7 Albert Speer 11 Eva Braun on back porch steps of her Munich House

    Folder Three    2  3  4  5 2-5 is a set of official portraits

    Folder  Four  4 Roza Shanic Russian sniper with most kills  5 Jews execution at Vinnytsnia 1941    7 Fallshrimjagers being awarded

                           8  9 Cossaks who fought against Soviets  10  


Photo Packages

         15  Berlin Post-War B&W Photographs       

       12 Berlin-East B&W Photographs                 

                             Souvenir from Temple-Hof Airport



          Twelve Pre-war B&W photographs

                                                                                               All photos have blank backs




          Twelve black and white photoghraphs of Nuremberg pre-war with multi-language titles on the reverse.




                                                       32 black and white Pere-war photos, backs are blank so no labels or identification.


  Small Envelope labeled "Glenn E. Metcalf    

  Photos are stamp captioned. All dated Nov. 1945