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       'Someday' edit 2-27-23    The ever popular love song, the realization that what once was is gone, or maybe it never existed.             

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         "Stop and Fade Away" from the Closure Album Feb. 2023



         "The Ordinary"   Music Video /  Youtube link to watch



            "Promise Me"     Live Video with Studio Audio. The first song Ed and Elizabeth wrote together and it holds up well today.

                            Official Video Link to Youtube  Here


         "Domino"       Official Video  Featuring Photos of the CD cover of 'Too Short", the limited Edition CD featuring 7 Studio

                                     Recordings that closed out that era of the Misfit Toys. The song is intense and Dark, a sharp contrast to the

                                     other videos on this page. Powerful druming and guitar work to make the heart race.



                              Live Audio

      Misfit Toys 1988 At 9:30 Club Washington DC. Click Here

                                                                                                                                                    To watch the World Famous video "The Ordinary"

        Misfit Toys at 9:30 Club  August, 8 1988   Mp3                                  It's an audience recording with

                                                                                                                                           an uneven balance due to echo and position near the bass

                                                                                                                                           but it is a recording that sounds better as the set continues.

         Partial Show Audience Recording

           01. Stop and Fade Away -> Empty Garden   04. Lost the Found   06. The Ordinary  

          07. Dark House 08. This Side of Paradise,-> 09. Break it in Two  -> 10. Someday