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The Misfit Toys have a new vocalist for this album. The general public is at this time ignorant ofour new vocalist and may find it of interest that she is Ukrainian. As of the time of my typing this she has recently returned to her home in Kyiv, the nation's capital and a very dangerous place to live. Her stage name is 'Victory' and we hired her to sing our songs both old and new with the three original members of The Misfit Toys. She auditioned and won the very central role of vocalist in January 2020 after out performing the two top competitors by expressing emotions in the song, and capturing the feelings behind the words. Her home is far away from either coast of the United States but that simple fact became immaterial due to modern recording innovations. Mike and Ed live on the East coast of America and Dennis lives in the Northwest so recording individual parts on separate tracks in the past would have meant travel by either a musician or the master recording tape. Now Mike records his drum track and from there each member adds his or her own contributions. In Victory's case she brings along a guide track with no vocals and records her part on an independent recording that is then sent to Mike for approval.The threat of war appeared to be real but most people living in Ukraine did not believe Putin would risk so much by actually attacking them. Victory and her mother waited for days after the attacks on Kyiv became real and threatening to them. Finally they departed their home by train and made their way to the border with Poland and then across it to where thousands of Ukrainian refugees were congregating, not knowing what was to become of their country and to themselves. In a few weeks she moved on to Warsaw and resumed recording songs for the band while waiting for words of encouragement from their homeland.Victory has been recording music videos of cover material and posting them on Youtube for several years. The videos are a proven success based upon the very high viewing numbers collected by Youtube. This is very unusual for an unknown singer performing cover material without the aid of elaborate sets and story lines but even bands with a long established following are envious of her obtaining hundreds of thousands of views within weeks of being published.

 Naturally Victory's first language is Ukrainian but her command of English is quite good. Singers rarely sing with an accent and since she sings in English it is difficult to hear any indications she is not a native speaker. For the benefit of old and new fans I have complied an interview post by means of her own filmed interview on Youtube, a radio interview and her personal correspondence with me.In the time since she added her voice to our music life has changed dramatically for Victory. A year ago she was a sixteen year old girl fascinated with Freddy Mercury of Queen and longing to move to Los Angeles, the city where dreams sometimes come true. She idolized Freddy and hoped to follow his path in life as a singer/musician who dedicated his life to making music to feed the hunger of the masses world wide. She has been enlightened as to the reality of life in California, particularly Los Angeles and Hollywood. She has now lane in bed listening to the explosion of Russian artillery to determine how close the explosions were coming. She has packed all she valued into a single valise and stolen away at night leaving the only world she has known behind as she entered a foreign country.Conditions have been far from ideal for Victory but her faith in herself and her vocal talent is undiminished. Her words that follow are taken from her statements made over the past year and a half. People change as circumstances in their lives detour across different, unforeseeable paths but I believe that what follows will give the reader a glimpse into the person behind the voice.

   Update: As of Mid-February 2023 Victoria Vizhanska is living in New York City. She turned 18 earlier this year so life is changing rapidly                              for her and we wish her well.

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