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 1986 was a momentous year for The Misfit Toys. With the release of the keyboard player

 the band now had it's solid 4 piece line up and while demand for the band to perform

  around the Baltimore-Washington and Richmond areas increased the band worked hard on       

 solidifying their musical direction and image. The amount of original material about                                            

equaled their covers. Their sound and choice of covers refleced a 'dark side' of music.

 While many bands sang about love, lust and relationships The Misfit Toys material

 spoke of insecurities, betrayal, lost love and the disolving of relationships. The titles                                   


            At The Roxy Washington, D.C.                               At The Marble Bar, Baltimore                      Mike and Terri ay The Marble Bar                          

   of "Gothic" or "Dark Wave" were coming into an acceptable vogue and seemed to

 fit as a description of at least part of the band's repetoire. I was very into Siouxsie and

  the Banshees first four albums as well as some of the early years of The Cure and both

  bands strongly influenced my song writing and the parts worked out by my band mates.

 We all listened to the Banshees and so everyone could interpret my song ideas and demos.

 There was never an attempt to copy either the Banshees or Cure sound or looks.

 In 1987 there were a lot of bands making great, original music and we all seemed to be going

 the same direction.  Elizabeth began the new year by dying her hair jet black.

  Seeking to extend our fan base and break free of the limitations of the D.C. area after becoming a

  mainstay in Baltimore The Misfit Toys began playing at the Paragon in Richmond, Virginia. In January

  we embarked on our first "tour" and booked dates in Washington's 9:30 Club, Baltimore at the 'Galaxy', Pittsburgh

 at The "Electric Banana", Morgantown West Va. at The Underground Railroad,.The Paragon in Richmond

and back to Washington   DC at "The Bayou". Two weeks later we played at ''The East Side'' club in Washington DC.

The entire band was interviewed at Towson Maryland's WCVT Radio station and followed with a live show there in February.

 It was decided to take a few months off from live dates and work on new material. We still plays a few times but the rigorus several

  times a week was what had kept us from concentrating on writing and rehearsing. It felt as though we added a new song every week.

  The result was excellent new material and no more covers at all. We played in Baltimore several times that Summer along with

  Richmond at new clubs.  Once again we headlined at the Fort Reno outdoor concert in August where the band debuted some of the new material.

        The Misfit Toys debuted all of our new material in September at The Roxy to a large crowd and then a few days later performed

 at "The Fallout Shelter" in Raliegh, N.C.  and then two weeks later performed at

  The Bayou in Washington D.C.  Dates followed in Fels Point Baltimore at Max's and in Georgetown before doing a one off

  at CBGBS in NYC.


Elizabeth at Electric Banana Pittsburgh        Misfit Toys at The Galaxy               Mike and Dennis at Max's On Broadway       Mike at Club Revival" Philly


           Elizabeth and Dennis Club Revival" Philly                                        Ed and Elizabeth at The Electric Banana Pittsburgh


                                                                                          Mike at The Electric Banana                                    Ed and Mike at Club Revival


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