102.3 FM  Bethesda, Md  "Home Grown Music" & Feast Your Ears"

                                    and 99.1  Annapolis, Md.  "Progressive 99.1"


Bob's Night Shift Show Bethesda  Year Unknown   1978-9 ?

Ten Tracks

1.  2.   3.   4.   5.   6.   7.   8.   9.   10.  


 Bob and Weasel talk during shift change Annapolis  Possibly 1989

Track 1.

Track 2.

Track 3.

Track 4.

Track 5.

Track 6.

Track 7.


       Graham Nash Interview with Weasel 1980/Earth and Sky Album and Solo Tour

Track 1

Track 2

 Track 3


 Lowel George and Linda Ronstadt interview and playing live in studio with Cerphe 1973

1. Sweet China White

2. Sailing Shoes

3. Tuning and adjusting headphones while talking

4. Willin'

5. Heartache

Track 1       Track 2     Track 3    Track 4   


This is a transfer from a cassette i recorded West of Ellicott City in either late 1979 or 1980. I happened to be working at a service station where the signal came in reasonably well
though most of the surrounding area it was blocked by stronger Baltimore stations. Dianne was the miring DJ, usually referred to as 'Drive Time' now days. As evidenced by this recording she
wasn't playing the average music to get people on track to go to work. There was also an absence of traffic and weather interruptions. Those were done at the top of the hour after she ran down
all of the songs, bands and albums of what I'd been listening to non-stop.

For those who don't remember HFS as playing much besides 'Hippie music' this may be an eye opener. The station floated a bit and as the sun moved across the sky I had to adjust my antennea.

It is well worth a listen all the way through. Since one song begins before the last one ended it isn't possible to separate them into individual track, only side A and B. You will hear bands such as;

"Polyrock, "X", Ultravox,Lena Lovitch, Captain Sensible, XTC, The Flirts, and even the Ventures and Freddie and the Dreamers"

This tape came from several different days so there is one repeat in there and at one point Bob comes on for his 10AM shift and plays his theme song by Phil Kagey.

I regret it isn't a high quality recording all the way through but it was worth keeping all these years.

Dianne's show     Side A                            Dianne's show and Bob's beginning     Side B


This cassette has roughly 90 minutes of Bob's show from July 1983 when the station had been sold and they were counting down the hours until there would be the end of an era. Each DJ attempted to play their shifts with an eye on being remembered for what they played. In the final hours the studio complex was filled with drunk or stoned people coming by to express their gratitude for what they played and whom the played. members of and sometime the entire band would show up and everyone wanted to make their statement on air. Take it from me, that studio was tiny. Forget what you saw on WKRP and other TV shows like Kramer. Sometimes things became emotional and maudlin and other people brought in a celebration of 'life'. People like me who were long time fans didn't wait until the last day to record the broadcasts.
Bob was always well liked by people who met him. His temperament and general demeanor just made you relax and trust him. He did on occasion play was strange stuff on air and I'm not talking about 'new Wave' weird. In this shift he played an album and read the accompanying story that went with each track so he didn't make any new fans that day while Weasel among other groups played his toe tapping favorites such as NRBQ, Nighthawks, Skip Castro,Little Feet and what i usually call 'beer drinking music'. He is a strange little man who played some really good music but I digress.
I did make some separation in this tape transfer because I am sure some people won't like all of the music he played and this way they can skip ahead. ( I may have 6 and 6 switched )

 For fun this tape has some commercials in it along with "The Daily Feed" with a saterical take on HFS going to an 'All news all the time' format. There are some concert ads and a few other goodies that will bring back memories. Reception that day wasn't bad.

 1. Song ID's and commercials  9 min.     2.) Bob 16 Min.     3.) Bob 20 minute4.) Bob talking mostly 5 min.   5.) Bob continues to read the story and plays very mellow music6.)Bob mellow music and story


                            Here is a tape from Mid-1991 When HFS was well established in Annapolis with a new family of DJ's

                           There is nothing spectatcular, just another 90 minutes of the station with a mix of off the radar bands like

                           The Connells and Roxy Music to some moldy oldies - Kinks and generally 'safe music' Dire Straits.

               Side One Pt. 1 Here        Side One part Two  Here         Side Two Here


























































































                                               WHFS 102.3 FM  "Home Grown Music"

                    Bob's show 1 hour of music Unknown Year from Bethesda   Tracks 1  2  3   4  5   6   7   8    9   10
























                                                                                           9:30 Club Audience recordings.                                   

                                                    Click Here For Page Two

                                  Play or download. All song titles listed came from the cassette J cards.

                                     Original Cassettes were recorded into my PC through the "Audacity" Audio Program

                                    I can highly recommend it for editing these and other recordings to separate the songs,

                                 Remove noise, remove sudden loud screams or whistles, add or remove low end or brighten

                           The highs. Tape recorders and decks are notorious for recording speeds being off due to weak batteries

                       Especially at Long Concerts. Decks used to play back the tapes are usually belt driven and the belts become

                stretched over time and result in the tape playing back too slow. So, between these two chances are every                                                                recording on cassette is played at the incorrect speed.



        Misfit Toys  At 9:30 ClubClick Here

                                                                                                                                                    To watch the World Famous video "The Ordinary"

        Misfit Toys at 9:30 Club  August, 8 1988   Mp3   I figured why not? It's an audience recording and it has

                                                                                                                                           an uneven balance due to echo and position near the bass

                                                                                                                                           but it is a recording of us and it sounds better as the set continues.

         Partial Show Audience Recording

           01. Stop and Fade Away -> Empty Garden   04. Lost the Found   06. The Ordinary  

          07. Dark House 08. This Side of Paradise,-> 09. Break it in Two  -> 10. Someday